Data Logger

Microsun S.A.® has its own data logger, which is compatible with traditional loggers made and used by inverter manufactures, and it is also capable of replacing them. Another fact of further importance is that Microsun’s data logger, even in its basic model, offers digital inputs and outputs, and it can be connected with pulse outputs of PPC’s telemetry meters. Another major advantage is that the system is expandable and capable of adding modules of digital and analog inputs and outputs.


  • Automatic daily reports.
  • Error reports.
  • Summary of output and graphs.
  • Constant control of inverter.
  • Data transmission to portal.
  • Equipped with sensors and weather station (extra).
  • Compatible with major inverter manufacturers.

Expandable and capable of adding modules of digital and analog inputs and outputs

Measurements extracted from PPC meters

Range of Products

  • Basic Unit
  • Up to 6 Inverters
  • Up to 30 Inverters
  • Up to 100 Inverters
  • Module AD
  • Module DI
  • Sensors Set

Microsun’s Data Logger is compatible with the following Inverter manufacturers:AEG, Carlo Gavazzi, Danfoss, Delta, Diehl, Fronius, IBC Solar, Kaco, Kostal, Mastervolt, Morningstar, Omron, Pairan, Power-One/ABB, Refusol, Riello UPS, Santerno, Satcon, Schneider-Electric, Siemens, Siliken, SMA, Solarmax, Solutronic, Studer, Sungrow, Sunville, Sunways, Vacon, Xantrex