Energy Consumption

The constant rise in energy consumption in day-to-day life has created a need for energy optimization, use of renewable energy sources and reduction of carbon emissions. The proper management of our planet’s energy reserves leads us to a new model of sustainable development, whose main characteristics are the rational management of available resources, and also the protection of the environment.

Microsun SA ®, is not just a representative of specific houses or technologies; we make good use of its experience, for the purpose of developing a complete proposal based on the actual needs and requirements of anyone interested in our services. Our engineers take advantage of contemporary technology in energy conservation and generation systems, following the most state-of-the-art policies of energy management.


  • Measurements for energy wastage – Thermography.
  • Measurements to determine consumption figures per type of consumption.
  • Energy inspections and certificates.
  • Technology analysis.
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies.
  • Remote energy management.
  • Study/construction of consumption management systems for saving purposes.
  • Study/construction of systems of renewable energy sources (photovoltaic, solar thermal energy, biomass and heat pumps).
  • Lighting studies – Led technology for building and street lighting.
  • Studies for the exploitation of natural resources for building lighting and heating purposes.
  • Water management.