Microsun S.A.® offers flexible maintenance and monitoring programs for photovoltaic power stations, adapted to the true needs and requirements of investors.

We apply:

  • Our highly skilled team of engineers.
  • Our experience in monitoring electrical and mechanical installations and facilities.
  • Our expertise in remote control and monitoring systems.
  • The modern measurement equipment in the company’s possession.
  • Our organized network of technicians throughout Greece.
  • The immediate availability of spare parts.

We assure:

  • Sustainability of the investment, with the assurance of production and earnings.
  • Uninterrupted operation and production of the installation, with 24-hour daily supervision and instant response to any possible failures.
  • Smooth operation of power stations, through the constant monitoring of equipment, thus ensuring instant detection of any failure of materials.
  • Proper operation of equipment, which prevents premature wear and minimizes damages.
  • Indemnity from the investor’s insurance organization.
  • Harmonization of the electrical power generating station with local legislation.
  • Safe operation of the electrical power generating station.
  • Instant claim of equipment warranties from suppliers.
  • Resale value of equipment.

Maintenance programs

  • energy Gold
  • energy Platinum