Remote Monitoring

Microsun S.A.® is able to manage the daily and twenty-four-hour long (365/24) remote monitoring and operation of the installation through the specialized platform – portal in the company’s possession.

Microsun S.A.® keeps its own state-of-the-art control room, staffed by skilled and experienced engineers and technicians, who are always ready to offer not just information, but also solutions to any potential failures on a daily and instant basis. Microsun provides Personal Care, which is a service ensuring that an engineer will always be assigned in charge of each and every investment.

Microsun Monitoring Platfrom (365/24)

This platform provides the following:

  • Compatibility with data loggers by all companies.
  • Collection of data and information from inverter data loggers, Hellenic PPC meters, electromechanical equipment, trackers (Mechatron – NEDA).
  • Instant failure notifications through e-mail or SMS.
  • Automatic comparison between Inverter, String, or even between different photovoltaic parks.
  • Real-time analysis and comparison of energy generated from the park and estimated energy that ought to be generated, based on intelligent dynamic models. All performance deviations are calculated with high accuracy (up to 2%), thus helping to detect any possible problems in the facility.
  • Graphical representation of multiple data (Power Output, Energy, Electricity, Voltage, etc.).
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple photovoltaic parks by means of a single environment of photovoltaic installation management.
  • Record of all failures and provision of statistical information and data.
  • Integrated system intelligence, based in highly state-of-the-art technologies, capable of estimating, quickly and accurately, the expected output for each park under specific climate conditions.
  • Early and highly accurate detection of any potential DC problems, thus aiding to maximize the park’s performance, and by extension, the performance of the overall investment.

Monitoring programs:

  • e-energy basic
  • e-energy full